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I narrate stories. I create memories.

Pleased to meet you!

I started out as a street photography and reportage enthusiast! For me, photography is first and foremost a powerful communication and dissemination tool to be used with caution, responsibility and wisdom. It is an extraordinary medium through which one can tell, excite, inform, share and help. Indeed, I firmly believe in its power to transmit, inspire and connect people. Since becoming a mother, I have also rediscovered how extraordinary the photography is for telling stories and creating and preserving memories forever. I wrote "rediscovered" because, in reality, as long as I can remember I have always had this passion (or fixation) to take pictures of real life moments, within the family, among friends, during ceremonies and special moments. This is because to me photography is memory, it is emotion, it is telling stories without the use of words... In a direct, straightforward, honest and sincere way. For all these reasons, after many years of courses, study, experimentation, practice, I have chosen to combine my passion with the possibility of offering services to people. Starting from reportage projects to divulge and increase awareness about important and socially relevant issues, I offer reportage services also for events (private or corporate), and photographic reportage services aimed mainly at families (such as maternity, birth, and family sessions). I always prefer a reportage style to tell your story, making you the protagonists, but in total spontaneity. Indeed, my photography is aimed at those who wish to get natural, casual and sincere pictures. No posing if you are not comfortable! Be yourself and you will take home authentic memories! You can find me in Lugano, Switzerland. I work all over the Ticino region, but I am very gladly available to get excited with you anywhere in Switzerland and northern Italy!

My name is Ester!



Awareness campaigns projects

My passion for photographic art is combined with a desire to raise awareness on important social issues and spread powerful messages. I am always looking for new projects to help spread positive messages and promote lasting social change. If you have a social, inclusive or informative project, I am here to collaborate and pursue your vision through the power of image.

Family Session 

Family sessions can be held both outdoors and indoors, even at your home if you prefer! Parents, little sisters or brothers, grandparents and pets are all welcome! It will be a photo session that will narrate your story, your life, your love and that you will carry in your heart for years to come! Write to me, and let's plan the session together and discuss the details!


The Maternity service is dedicated to pregnant women between 28 and 36 weeks of gestation. Outdoor or indoor services can be held, with a very natural style, without artificiality! They can be for the Mom to be exclusively, or they can include father and children. Newborn sessions can be done in the hospital, or once at home, at your own place, outdoors or in the studio. Here too I prefer natural, spontaneous shots. Entrusting you to me you will not have photo shoots of babies wrapped in unnatural and impersonal poses, but authentic moments of love and spontaneity. These are the shots that speak and tell about you, and which you will look back on years later and remember with love!

Event & People

I offer Reportage service for private, corporate, public events or simply to have some portraits of you!

Wedding & Intimate Ceremony

I would be honored to be the photographer of your wedding or your intimate and special ceremony.

These are unique moments, don't miss the chance to relive them forever!


"Dear Ester, thank you for the wonderful morning together. In addition to your professionalism in taking the photos, you managed to put us at complete ease with your sympathy and kind manners even though we weren't lovers of "the spotlight": we managed to get some splendid shots that they kept our simplicity highlighting the wonder of our little girl on the way! Thank you very much for the beautiful work!"

Jessica G

Family and Kids Sessions

Maternity session