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My values

My values, which are also my principles, are simple and basic, but essential. 

I am an extremely loyal and authentic person. Honest in thought. 

People define me as a tenacious person, but I prefer to consider myself a person who has understood the importance of seizing opportunities, especially those that come from adversity. 

It has not been easy to achieve all this, and it is a constantly evolving path. 

It's a journey that has faced many tortuous points, where fears and insecurities prevailed, but those moments were the most edifying of my journey.

To those moments, and all the next ones I will face in life, I am grateful.

Because it's from difficulties that opportunities for growth and evolution arise.

And my values reflect this, which is to be yourself and keep your integrity.



I think it is necessary to talk also about the mission of my work.

I have loved photography since I was very little. 

In the late 80's when I was just 2-3 years old, my father lived with a camera and film camera always in hand. It was his gift of life that I appreciated more than anything else. 

Being able to see those shots again, after so many years, is an invaluable fortune. 

So my mission can be described in giving you this chance too. Everyone deserves to have lasting memories.

It is the greatest heritage we have left.

Through photography I want to capture memories, narrate stories. Story of Real life, love stories, experiences and life accomplishments.

Lookinf for the extraordinary in the ordinary.

It is also crucial for me to use the power of images for socially strong purposes. 

Photography is power, is communication. 

It must be used with caution, and with gratitude.


Narrate stories is my passion.

Documenting moments is my calling. 

All of this is reflected in my Style. 

My style comes from the passion for street photography.

And I bring this passion into my work. 

My work has a strong documentary & reporting approach.

My style is exactly who I am. 

I don't conform to what the market offers, the trends, the standard.

In my work you will find authentic, sincere, natural, spontaneous photos.

In one word: True.

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